Lenten Penitence and Healing

Lent Penitence and healing:  12th Century Hymn

Now is the healing time decreed
for sins of heart and word and deed,
when we in humble reference record
the wrong that we have done the Lord.

In the spirit of penitence and healing, then we acknowledge the spiritual and physical connection the Abenaki, Penacook an Wabanaki Peoples have maintained to this land of N’dakinna (N-DAH-kee-nah) where we now reside.  We acknowledge the hardships they continue to endure after the loss of unceded homelands.  We repent of the ways we trampled on the aspirations, traditions and God-given rights of Native peoples, and we take responsibility for working ecumenically to repair these damages.  We seek to foster relationships and opportunities that strengthen the well-being of the Indigenous People who carry forward the traditions of their ancestors.

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