Flowers Galore

Altar flowers are always a beautiful addition to our sanctuary during services. Unfortunately we no longer have the services of a florist. If you would like to bring in flowers from your garden, or bring in purchased flowers, you are more than welcome to do so. Please call Cathy Salt or Jennifer Madill, in the fall, to arrange a time to meet at the church to place them in vases. Someone will put the vases in the sanctuary Sunday morning. If your flowers are given in memory of a loved one leave a note with the details so it can be announced at service time.

In order to keep our gardens and hanging baskets looking their best we need help. If you going by the church and notice the baskets, please stop and give them a drink. We have been blessed with plenty of rain for the flower beds and boxes but the hanging baskets do not receive the rain and they dry out quickly. There is an attached hose on the School Street side of the church and a pink watering can. No need to go inside the church for the water.

Thank you for your help!

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