Community Support and Appreciation

Shouts of cheer could be heard in and around North Hatley late last Friday night as the newly constructed bridge was opened to vehicles. On Thursday morning Greg Bishop and Cathy Salt arrived at the old Hob Nob with hot coffee, home made muffins and a poster expressing thanks to the workers for their hard work and the long hours they put in to keep this project on target for opening. They arrived just before the worker’s morning break and got to speak to the chief engineer and other workers. They were very appreciative of heart felt thanks.

On Sunday afternoon, December 20th, a group of Grace Ladies gathered outside Grace Village in Huntingville with signs of Christmas cheer for the residents. They marched around the buildings stopping at bedroom windows to chat by phone with residents inside. Danica Montgomery, activities coordinator for the Village, went from room to room with her phone so greetings could be exchanged from both sides of the glass. Residents and Grace Ladies alike look forward to the day when they can resume serving tea and cookies and catching up friends.

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