Easter Service April 21, 2019 – 9:00am

Don’t miss this great music. Easter Sunday – 9:00am. That’s this Sunday!

Caroline Demers, mezzo-soprano
Karine Breton, bassoon
Louis Brouillette, organ

10-minute prelude
• “Grand jeu” from Suite du premier ton by Denis Bédard [organ only]
• Sonata no. 5 by John E. Galliard [bassoon and organ]
• Ave Maria by Franz Schubert [mezzo-soprano and organ]

Processional hymn: 210

Anthem after the sermon: The Lord’s Prayer by Michael Head [mezzo-soprano, bassoon and organ]

Offertory hymn: 239

Communion: Panis angelicus by César Franck [mezzo-soprano, bassoon and organ]

Post Communion: 216

Recessional Hymn: 203

Postlude: “Virgam virtutis” from Dixit Dominus by George Frideric Handel [mezzo-soprano, bassoon and organ]

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Flowering the Cross

This Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, we will be flowering the cross again. Like last year, you will have an opportunity to adorn the bare wooden cross from Good Friday with flowers.  The flowered cross will then be placed outside following the service for our community to enjoy. This will be our witness to others that Christ is risen indeed!

Please bring a couple of fresh or artificial flowers, or greenery, with you to church. You may place them on the cross when you enter the church. Chicken wire encases the cross so the stems can be pushed through an opening. 

Flowering of the Cross is an old tradition practiced by many Episcopal/Anglican, Lutheran and other Protestant denominations. It represents the transition from Good Friday to Easter, from meditating on Jesus’ road to death and crucifixion to celebrating his resurrection.  It is a tangible symbol of our faith and hope.

If you have any questions, please email me.  Spread the word.



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Pancake Supper Success

Thanks to Jane Perry-Gore for the wonderful photos.

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