Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre set to open

It took many years, a great deal of hard work, generous support from many individuals and the donation of 70 acres of land by the Anglican Diocese of Quebec to bring this dream alive. On July 25th, the Centre will welcome the first group of day campers who will participate in a carefully imagined and designed program focused on environmental education and stewardship.
The first week of the day camp program will focus on Fire, exploring the history of human use and its role in the ecosystem. Campers will learn about fire safety and a wide range of camping skills, including fire building, wilderness cooking, and shelter building. The second week will focus on Water. Campers will explore the place of water in human history and will study the role of water in the ecosystem, learning about the water cycle, soil erosion, and water conservation as well as safely using water for recreation.
The Centre site currently features a spacious yurt for indoor activities as well as many woodland trails, a sandy beach and a playing field. These facilities have been designed and developed under the guidance of the Camp Director Brian Wharry and the Program Director Duncan Plaunt, a qualified teacher. The environmental awareness curriculum was created by Duncan and Bill Crooks in conjunction with Dr. Avril Aitken of the Bishop’s University Education Division. In addition, all of camp counsellors are university students studying in relevant subject areas. In coming years, the program will be expanded to include a residential camping component with the addition of several more yurts.
On July 3rd, the Quebec Lodge Foundation will host a celebration and reception on the campsite for the many friends and donors who generously contributed to make the Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre a reality. Guests will have an opportunity to visit the property, explore the trails and facilities, and to learn more about the programs to be offered this summer.
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