Easter Service April 21, 2019 – 9:00am

Don’t miss this great music. Easter Sunday – 9:00am. That’s this Sunday!

Caroline Demers, mezzo-soprano
Karine Breton, bassoon
Louis Brouillette, organ

10-minute prelude
• “Grand jeu” from Suite du premier ton by Denis Bédard [organ only]
• Sonata no. 5 by John E. Galliard [bassoon and organ]
• Ave Maria by Franz Schubert [mezzo-soprano and organ]

Processional hymn: 210

Anthem after the sermon: The Lord’s Prayer by Michael Head [mezzo-soprano, bassoon and organ]

Offertory hymn: 239

Communion: Panis angelicus by César Franck [mezzo-soprano, bassoon and organ]

Post Communion: 216

Recessional Hymn: 203

Postlude: “Virgam virtutis” from Dixit Dominus by George Frideric Handel [mezzo-soprano, bassoon and organ]

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